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Hire our Didicars which are extremely popular and are suitable for all ages, including adults!  We hire these in a set of 5.

Didicars are ideally suitable for younger children over 30 months old but can be used up to 30 years or more!  Our Didicars take up to a maximum weight of 100kg (or 15.7 stone/220lbs) allowing children and parents to have fun together at a birthday party or event! If you hire our Didicars, you will receive a set of 5 in different colours. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  Please note that a level, hard, smooth surface is required.

Simply turning the wheel left and right moves the Didicars.  There are no pedals, motors, batteries or greasy chains!  They are magical mystery karts that give children a thrilling time and lots of fun!  

Didicars are ideal to hire with our bouncy castles, slides, soft play, happy hopperz,  ball ponds or inflatables for all types of occasions such as private parties, birthday celebrations, toddler groups, school fetes, school holiday camps and weddings.

Didicars work best on hard, smooth surfaces such as inside a village hall or community centre, school playground, in a play area in the home or in the garden on a suitable surface. 

To use our Didicars all you need to do is sit on the Didicar with both feet on the footrests and both hands on the ‘steering wheel’.  Turn the wheel from left to right and the Didicar will move forwards.  To move faster, lean slightly forward over the steering wheel.  Use your upper body when you turn the steering wheel and not just your arms.  To go backwards just turn the steering wheel a full 180 degrees and do the same as if you were going forwards.

We do not deliver Didicars on their own; they are hired with our bouncy castles or other equipment as an add-on.

Please note: Didicars will work on many different surfaces providing that the surface is level, hard and smooth (they are not suitable for grassy, muddy, gravel or carpeted areas). If the Didicars are used on certain wooden or laminate floors it is unlikely but possible that small grooves may be made by the back wheels. If you have any doubt please try a Didicar first on an area out of sight to ensure that no damage is caused by them as we cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from their use.  For safety, all children must be supervised by an adult when using our Didicars.