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Human Demolition for all ages


A four person game on the most visual piece of Inflatable kit with fabulous vibrant artwork; this is the ultimate crowd pleaser!

Our Human Demolition Zone is a high energy game for four players at a time which can also be used for competitions of four teams at a time. It is suitable for both children and adults.

The human demolition has four imitation aluminium checker plate pedestals and an imitation concrete wrecking ball swinging on a chain. The wrecking ball is directed by the four ‘human demolishers’ in an attempt to be the last remaining human standing.

Each of the four players stand on the inflatable podiums and hurl the demolition ball at each other trying knock their three opponents off their podiums. To win you'll need to be able to dodge the swinging demolition ball when it’s hurled at you, or better still, catch it and hurl it back where it came from, to knock off your opponent!

If the human demolition is being used for team events, each team lines up, and as a team member is knocked off by the wrecking ball, the next team member steps up to the podium to take their place until all team members are out and you are left with the winning team.

Hire our human demolition for fetes, corporate events, fun-raising days, summer play schemes and school activity days because it can accommodate four participants or four teams at a time.  It can of course also be used for private parties.

This human demolition zone measures (w)20ft x (d)20ft x (h)19ft.

This is one of our heaviest units and will normally be delivered by two men using a sack trolley.  We need a minimum clear access of 3ft 6in wide to deliver this human demolition.  If you have narrow access, no gate, or a gate which is smaller than 3ft 6in wide then please book one of our smaller units.  Access through a house is not possible.

The human demolition must only be used for four contestants at a time.  This unit is not a bouncy castle and must not be used as such. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  

Minimum space required:
(w)23ft x (d)29ft (height:20ft) to allow for the inflation tubes and air blowers together with the necessary safety mats.

We need a minimum clear access of 3ft 6in wide to deliver this human demolition unit.